From: Jeffery Guy <>
Subject: progress or setback?
Date: September 21, 2011 1:34:49 PM EDT
To: voanews <voanews@VOANews.COM>, Judy Woodruff <>, Rachel Maddow <>


RE: web articles
"Afghan bombing may have killed peace efforts"
"Obama rejects Palestinian U.N. statehood bid"

Sanyas is a Sanskrit word for minimizing worldly affairs and maximizing spiritually practice. There is a saying about this process that when one begins to make real progress the greatest obstacles arise.

Messengers are supposed to appear in successions but there is a tendency in the Bible to have Jesus as the last messengers and Jesus will appear twice while Islam tends to say Mohammed is the last messenger.

This is a focus on the MidEast while others say India/Pakistan/Tibet is the emanating spiritual center.

Rather than looking at religious names it is better to look at the different religious people are you bother, sister, aunt or uncle (relative).

President Jimmy Carter was on the Rachel Maddow show and said he tried to sever all connection with his protestant evangelical base to demonstrate the separation of Church and State but this worked against him and President Ronald Reagan came to power.

There is a meditation instruction for meeting obstacles to practice. "Abandon hope and fear and discard the intension to act or not to act".

This may appear contradictory as hope and fear are part of life and one must act to eat food or one would die.

The benefit of this instruction is that one tend to act too strong and too soon or not with the right action at the right time.

In groups the right action at the right time is even harder to determine.

None of this is easy or world peace would have occurred a long time ago.

Substantial (virtually total) peace and prosperity may be just over the horizon as these obstacles are not impossible to overcome.