Sukrta: Benefiting all; Pure Water Buffalo

The water buffalo is the analogy symbol for a meditator with the objective of helping others.

It is true that an accomplished meditator, meditating "alone" can have tremendous benefit as all enlighten beings surround and flow support through the meditator. This is far more powerful than support for all without an accomplished meditator.

Currently, relatively few may totally perceive this abundant help.

This takes many years to fully attain and understand why an accomplished meditator is maitra, a true friend to all.


However, some people know this as maitra is somewhat taught and use this to abuse the relationship using the accomplished mediator for their own ends.

These people think they are very cleaver as they try and hid their deceit and vicious aims but as all their action are totally know by all the enlightened, this is the stupidest action one can do as those people will suffer for a very long time.


Accomplished mediators are not lab animals.

It is far better to work as a partner with an accomplished meditator and try to join the effort in benefitting all beings for this is the fastest way to reach enlightenment as one receives direct examples of how to meditate and benefit all.