Shri Hevajra’s Dance of Wisdom

An orange damaru vibrates the golden drum sounding all the vajra instruments

In permission blessing union with a green Karma Amoghasiddhi and Samaya Tara

Is a true joy giving from the five Buddha families within my body

Looking into both their eyes now and then when I asked permission blessing to emanate

Now and then we exchange forms to touch each other in profound meditation

Samaya Tara holds me in the lotus arising from her left hand while protecting nourishments comes from the great vajra in her right

Karma Amoghasiddhi holds me through the vajra sword of wisdom, a standing VaJraDhara in the form of a yellow Ushnisha Cakravartin

I am a green Bodhisattva in union surrounded by all the Bodhisattvas as well as a orange Bodhisattva in union surrounded by all differently arranged Bodhisattvas

This is the five Buddha families in offering form of pure generosity, a universe held by pure sunyata dharmata dharmadhatu

In coexisting form with a yellow Guna RatnaSambhava and Buddha Locana my form is pure white

Expressing the absolute moral process of enlightening all beings, the jewel vajra crown of the five Buddha families

Appears as the perfection of the Prajja Jjana Paramita when I sought then and now a permission blessing union to emanate

Then and now the green form of Karma Amoghasiddhi and Samaya Tara inverts and becomes white

The blue form of CittaVajra Akshobhya and Mamaki become white and all the five Buddha families invert to express the VaJra union

Cooked by a purple CaNdaLi

Arising, dwelling, dissolving and clear luminosity are brought forth in completing complete patience

Then and now, in perfect joy, a white KayaVajra VaiRocana and VajraDhaTViShVari exchange forms, mine is blue green the colour of VajraDhara

Completing the mandala I co-emerge the five Buddha families, dark blue, white, orange sided by two black MahaKalas

The mandali of MaiTreYa coexist in radiating form and emptiness, emptiness and form

Empowering pure vigour the flow of all the Tathagatas clearly blazes in the joy of illuminating cessation

Then and now a red VaGVajra Amitabha and PandaraVasini exchange form, mine is a shimmering yellow

Surrounded by all differently arranged Bodhisattvas, the Dharma protectors become apparent in AVaTara

Empowering VajraDhaRa and NaiRaTmya mandala

Concentrate! Profound meditation occurs as an orange Bodhisattva in union surrounded by the arrangement of BoDhiSattvas

Bhagavan VajraSattva Shri Heruka and VajraGaRvi adorn my head

The secrete holdings of the yellow Ushnisha Cakravartin are revealed as VajraDhaRa and NaiRaTmya in this form

The indestructible bindings of all the Tathagatas surround until all beings reach enlightenment as the pure births of the messengers

This transcends true wisdom in the mandala of Bhagavan VajraSattva Sri Heruka and VajraGaRvi

The great VaJra and GhaNta unite in the Amrita, pure DhaRmaTa, pure white form containing all the colours of inverting mandali, pure luminosity

Make truly Tathagatas, the skilful means of messengers appearing in the illusionary darkness of samsara bringing those into the light of NiRvaNa     

Pure precedential rule! Cittavajra AKshoBhya and Mamaki are unshakable in union of KaRma and DhaRma

VajraDhaRa and Cittavajra AKshoBhya are of equal taste of white and pure luminosity as the union of the great VaJra and GhaNta

All pervasive joy appears, MahaMudra Cittah and DhaRmaTa AbhiShiNca

True friend to all, thought and form invert in union of Shri Hevajra’s Dance of Wisdom, the activity of absolute moral process and absolute moral process unite

The true fields of meditations are protected in perfect empowerment even though SaMsaRa darkness obscures the luminosity

By those who cannot perceive the true luminosity of their own minds

Hevajra's Dance of Wisdom holds the fives Buddha families in the great VaJra and GhaNta expressing the ten bhumi

From the awareness of practice and perfection a guru is needed to teach how to enter the mandala of one own mind and practice within the mind of the guru

Few realize the patience of waiting for the simultaneity, realization and liberation of truly helping others

The joy of peace is hard to find in the joy of helping others on earth, at this time

Lean forward and put your shoulder into this endeavour, beyond BhuMi, aSTAviMzatidhA pari, bana vizesa, MaNdaLi

Jeffery Douglas Guy