Shri Hevajra’s Dance of Wisdom: Coincidental Bhumi

The messenger tends to the pure fields of meditation by seeking pervasive permission blessing union to emanate

Parents, family and friends are needed for a true transition to a joyous one giving true joy, certainly

Flowering, one sits as a true friend to all, Coincidental

Within the absolute moral process of awareness of hands, "speaking greatly"

Without confusion, the heart of precedential rule of dissolving the veils of dualistic fixations, apply

Completely, the subtitles of mind become apparent to all, patiently

All the enlighten empower, truly

Vigor flows as the binding dissolve, sounding the luminous call

To all that hear the activity beyond, speak

Concentrate on pervasive mediations that apply, one and all

The wisdom awareness activity of loving compassion, simply

Cannot be divided by those who draw lines in the dust of the enlightened ones,

Knowing no sides, Coincidental, joyous

Jeffery Douglas Guy