From: Jeffery Guy <>

Date: August 13, 2011 10:04:27 AM EDT

To: AARP <>

Subject: Protecting Social Security

RE: web article

I am skeptical an adequate jib is being done to protect Social Security as the rules for calculating the cost of living increase must have been changed.

They got this through without controversy as most of the active people in AARP do not have to rely totally on Social Security but have corporate pensions or savings.

 I have to rely totally on Social Security and it does not even cover my rent increases let along energy (gas, heating,cooling),  food and car expenses. 

These cost of living increases make it so that all I can use my car for is to get groceries.

If this attitude persists in AARP the supper committee in Congress will decrease benefits in Social Security for everyone through "reforming Social security" as Senator John Kerry talks about on TV. They will call these "structural changes" that are  difficult to find and fight like the cost of living allowance.

The article speaks of a "long-term solvency problem" but does not discuss the reasons for the solvency problem such as companies forcing older people out of jobs to be replaced by younger less expensive workers. These people go on early retirement benefits that overall cause solvency problems but the people get less monthly amounts. These become worse when the retirement age is raised.

They also change the rule for people who have worked in two countries. This is reducing my benefit by $600 per month. The SSA will not talk to me about this change nor will Senator Cal Levin (so far).  

The paragraph "Social Security is without question the country's most important and successful retirement program. It is the foundation of financial security for all of us. Social Security is strong and can pay Americans the benefits they've earned for the next 25 years without making any changes. But we want to make sure that people 75 years from now will still enjoy the peace of mind Social Security provides today. We will lead the fight toward that goal." is not being publicly made enough in the medias.

Note that Medicare is being drained by people who abuse the health system for cosmetic surgery based on mental health that decreases benefits for people that require physical health maintenance. This can benefit young workers while hurting the elderly.

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