Yojana (Practice)

Before one can stand and walk correctly, one needs to learn to sit as sitting is the foundation, path and fruition of fine posture for one to view life correctly. The Lotus or Vajra position is the best for as your body relaxes your mind relaxes and vice versa. Briefly your back is straight, your tongue on the roof of your mouth, your eyes out of focus around 3 inches in front of your eyes, breath through your nose and your legs crossed (left foot on your right thigh and the right foot on your left calf) and you mind relaxed. Your hand is in varies Mudras. Try to sit at least one hour a day without uncrossing your legs (this may take years to accomplish) and do not causes yourself undue pain and injure yourself by trying to sit too long too quickly.

Practice is difficult to explain as a calm mind is required. The lifetime objective of prayer and meditation is to make life better by increasing your wisdom and skilful means or accomplishing enlightenment.

Normally, Calm Abiding Meditation is taught first but as these sites are intended to give a rapid overview of meditation, a discussion of where and why one is headed through meditation is listed first.

Simply stated there are five aspects to the path of practice, beginning with preparation from where you start within language and teachers.

Next is application of communications. Go slowly in changing what has been taught until one has grasped the meaning of the cessation of suffering.

When one has applied the antidote of the cessation of suffering insight occurs as one can answer one’s own questions.

With insight one can begin to practice as calm abiding awareness occurs. This is the start of meditation as concentration on the natural arising of one’s own mind manifests.

Lastly one reaps the fruition of practices by truly helping others.

The Four Noble Truths

Suffering: Satya, The Nature (Noble) of Truth of Duhkha, Being uneasy

Origin of Suffering: Satya, The Nature (Noble) of Truth of Samudaya, Aggregation from innate untrue perception.

Cessation: Satya, The Nature (Noble) of Truth of Nirodha, Enclosing suffering.

Way Through: Satya, The Nature (Noble) of Truth of Marga, The Way Through

These Noble Truths, taught by the Buddha through His unceasing efforts have become distorted. The Sanskrit words reveal the profound Truths of these teachings by apparent accessibility. Please study and meditate upon these Noble Truths with diligence and find your true nature and how you should be.

Another way of stating The Noble Truth of The Way Through is the Tathata of Sunyata.

Note: one must look at The Heart Sutra. in study and practice to see the containing and way through of suffering.

Get Started Guide to Practice 

Practice has the basis of language and the ordered intent of study and practice is up to the individual, you. Learn to lead yourself by guiding yourself in a balanced approach between study and practice.

The simplistic brilliance of the English language is the five and the sometimes sixth vowels modify only 20 to 21 consonance. To see these connection one needs a spreadsheet as it would take to long to look up all these relationships.

Note, that I would like to expand the table but this would be a huge programming task and maintenance task and no one will work with me.

Also, note that the vowels represent the 10 stages of perfecting enlightenment. The first six are generosity, ethics (moral), patience, perseverance, meditative concentration (prayer) and wisdom awareness. The sixth, wisdom awareness and the fact that all stages must be practice together makes y the sometimes vowel as one must transcend the sixth level and perceive beyond this realm of dualistic fixation to realize the sixth level. People that have not gone beyond the sixth level cannot fully understand what is said regarding the levels beyond. The levels beyond are talked about by reading the alphabet backwards in the English language.

Further subtitles are by capitalization but by then the subtitles are so refined and the power politics generated are so difficult that it is better to "whisper" the discussion.

The seventh level is skillful means and people usually come together and makes deals to recognize each other at this level so they can justify their untoward passions. Note that it takes tremendous skill to speak simply, clearly and precisely at this level.

The space and 26 letters are 27 elements combined in pairs make 626 elements (26 x 26) with inverting the order 1352 elements with only 300 defined. This basis defines much of spirituality as people can communicate a great deal very simply in Mantra meditations. Definitions are not specified as good or bad as this would add volumes but know and carry well the relative value of right and wrong in your heart.

The following spreadsheet displays these connections. Please spend some time on this as profound practice is discussed within. Note that there are technical problems (resolving as quickly as possible) in building this reference so all elements are not displayed.

What follows has been extracted from http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Reduction Connection Sanskrit Dictionary

Combining these elements in some words, numbers colors senses, and key syllables (works in progress over time so variances occur), Excel workbook download.

The full web page dictionary sorted by length of syllables can be provided but is lengthy and is being phased out. If you require this HTML versions click on or see below.

Monier resorted Excel workbook for download

Practice includes study and analysis of life and what people say and do to you. Determining good advice and action upon oneself is wisdom and knowing action upon oneself by the enlightened is extraordinary wisdom. Developing extraordinary wisdom requires mediation free from mundane activity and requires the development and perfection of meditative concentration. This perfection of tranquility is not that images do not arise but that one knows where these images are literally coming from and this requires the perfection of patience. Specific images, words or direct knowing to an individual from the Tatha (God and His Helpers; God inverts to Dog) are rare.

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Equity Positions Available

These sites are provided for various reasons. For people to make spiritual progress generosity and the perfection of generosity must be understood and practiced.