Mediations Using Pure Mental Images

Buddha Images are generally drawn and painted from a ruler and compass to express perfection. Colors, posture, implements held, body adornments and background are styled to transmit meaning and to realize through meditation. They are not meant to be an image of a being in heaven but represent how that being helps all beings return to heaven. These are inherent identifying characteristics.

In practice, the image is visualized as pure colour and form with any substantiality, thus pure. A worldly image is meant as a guide to dissolve worldly attachments and aversions that one has to one's own form. One respects the worldly image as one would any spiritual teaching for if one has contempt for the teaching spiritual progress is very difficult.

No false images before one means that all beings must reach enlightenment, There is a prayer or vow that one will not cease to exert effort until all beings reach enlightenment. This make some unconformable due to unresolved hatred or anger.

These are characteristics that one should recall as one awakens to who one really is.

A good meditation to start with is Avalokitesvara, the lord of compassion. An emanation of Avalokitesvara teaches the Heart Sutra (see below on the main page).

Avalokitesvara is relative simple and can be practice in a short period of time (an hour) depending on how many mantras are chanted. Avalokitesvara is very profound and is one of the best methods for reaching enlightenment as the development of compassion is central to all practices.

Avalokitesvara holds the wish fulfilling jewel that all enlighten beings commit to. The jewel (a simple yet profound mantra word is mani) is held by two hands level with his heart. Purifying luminosity, like the sun and moon, shine from the jewel purifying (dissolving) all untoward passions of all beings. The other two hands hold a mala (string of beads; right hand) and a lotus (a simple yet profound mantra word is padme) in his left hand. This lotus has a sense of protection and guidance until one reaches enlightenment. One sits (being held) in this lotus, on completely pure sun and moon disks, when one becomes enlightened. This is connected to naked insight without support mentioned in Calm abiding Meditation. This is the beauty of the supreme peace of the perfection of loving kindness and compassion.

The mantra is Om Mani Padme Hum Hri , truly realizing this short profound mantra forward and backwards, with capitals (see Practice for background information) is a supreme accomplishment.

In these empowerments you can assume the their form and keep your gender by assuming the partners form. The mantras have nothing to do with gender. Changing genders only causes confusion.

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but substitute the image below and the mantra.


Understanding and realizing the seed syllable Hri is very important as is understanding all the mantra syllables in this mantra.

See web page Meaning of Christ and Jesus for a more detailed description of understanding what is discussed on this page from a Christian point of view. See Genesis 18 19 for teachings on when sufficient people do not reach enlightenment to maintain peace.

See Heart Teachings and Prajnaparamita for examples of teachings of emanations of Avalokitesvara. It is good to read the Hevajra Teaching to see how this meditation fits into the complete mandala.

When one perfects a mediation using pure mental images the beings appears such as Avalokitesvara appears before one and thus there is no impure image before one.

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