Pure Cat

This pure yellow cat is issuing the mighty roar shaking the earth to get people attention to listen to the DhaRma.

Most religions are failing to meet the necessary goal of liberating all beings irregardless of their form and ability to communicate. Who one holds and communicates with is supreme

Partly this is caused by organizations needing to look after the organization but this should not be used as an excuse for failing to liberate all beings irregardless of their form and inability to communicate.

Most of the mental health sciences are being used to oppress rather than liberate.

Work and our consumer economy are forces against liberation.

Mainstream religions promote being blessed as wealthy or successful, seldom is this true.

Conversely, the attainment of liberation is not easy to accomplish.

A Sanskrit word for blessed is harizri, “blessed with Soma” and a Sanskrit meaning for soma is “heaven, sky, ether”.

Being blessed and liberation go hand in hand.

Find the time to meditate (pray) and guard your mind like a ferocious warrior.

The Jewel Ornament of Liberation is a key handbook on Buddhism. Jewel refers to the precious guru linked to the liberation through teacher, teaching and accomplishment.

Liberation is an ornament as one is bound to help all others find liberation.

The next lines are meant for advanced practitioners.

Key words are nadi, prana and bindu linked to perfection of body (Avalokitesvara), speech (Manjusri) and mind (Vajrapani).

The guru teaches proper conduct and is empowered through the Vase Empowerment of the Guru's Body and when with the Vajrapani practice, prani (conduct) becomes firm.

Closely unfolds is the fruition of the Jewel Crown Empowerment and practice. All these are within the Hevajra empowerment and practice.

In the essence of simplicity of the Sanskrit syllables in prana, pani and prani, which or what of mudra is maha in Mahamudra, true love.

Note that the Statue of Liberty shows some but not a perfect understanding of liberation.