RE: web article http://www.prlog.org/11013709-hydraulic-hybrids-offer-savings-of-30-50-on-fuel-consumption.html

This article indicates that over 50% energy savings are available through the expanded use of hydraulics in vehicles.

This technology has been proven in commercial fleets of trucks but not in automobiles.

The article does not have good marketing writing to explain the technology.

The hydraulic pressure if far more efficient in transferring power than belts in transmissions and the gears in driveshaft and differentials.

Hydraulic braking systemsLevel1_ArialLevel1_Arial can capture the heat lost in traditional braking systems but it appears that the hydraulic braking system has not been combined with hydraulic transmission and gear-less system.

Not mentioned is a hydraulic suspension system that captures the weight of the vehicle and the force generated when the vehicle bounces. This must include hydraulic tires.

Not mention is a hydraulic engines where the explosion occurs in a hydraulic chamber.

All these changes could reach a 90% energy savings (possibly more).

If this technology is being proven in commercial vehicles and not automobiles there must be a psychological barrier to the technology that can be overcome. Airplane travel overcame the psychological barrier even though airplanes are safer than automobiles.

Air and fluids do not have the solidity of metals.