Heart Sutra: Discussion

There is a preface to the Heart Sutra below but an interfaith discussion is required.

If you want to read something really stupid then read this translation of George Boeree's Heart Sutra that is nihilistic and the worst thing for you. Avalokitesvara is an emanation, another being, of Avalokitesvara, a being in a pure realm, whose' minds are identical or Coincidental.

There are parallels between the Avalokitesvara and Sakyamuni (Buddha) mentioned in the Heart Sutra to Jesus and John the Baptist in the Bible.

A pure birth as translated in the Heart Sutra and the statement in the Bible “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’” are similar in intent.


There are two lines that require further explanation:

"Being perfect containing in pure illumination, lovingly, there is nothing left to purify" means that having accomplish the preceding lines one has purified ones own stream of being but it is difficult to maintain this focus as being in this world one still accumulates some bad Karma as one cannot immediately prevent all beings from doing wrong. Thus further meditation is always required to maintain ones own purity.


"Being perfect containing in pure illumination, compassionately, pure illumination is perfectly accomplish without obstacle" means that all the enlightened no longer discipline a person at this level but there are still many worldly beings that can and do present obstacles even when one acts perfectly.

Thus one must act perfectly, patiently while some people believe they are being clever in testing one patience. Deluded, these people accumulate vast amounts of bad Karma by this behavior.


The next nine lines present very good advice that one must meditate upon and accomplish to benefit as many beings as possible in this lifetime. These lines are not easy to accomplish and maintain, such as "Absolutely bound to this boundless insurmountable naturally arising teaching wisdom".


Skandhas: There is a lot of confusion and debate surrounding what are the Skandhas (Heaps). The Skandhas are the five senses, consciousness and the holding , touching , gesturing functions of the two hands for eight in the eight direction plus up and down. People confuse this with form, sensation (touch), perception (seeing), formation and consciousness. Three are the same with hearing, smelling, tasting and the functions of the two hands being different.

Form and formation are like illusions due to impure perceptions of the senses and consciousness that cause beings to become confused and overloaded with thoughts. Impure perceptions cause the Heaps of stupidity , anger , pride , jealousy , greed and impure actions of body, speech and mind.

Touch is a very complicated sense and why touch is not mentioned in most Heart Sutra translations as when one explains purified touch, then most people see the explainer as being "touched" or crazy. The Buddhist became the lowest class in Indian and are called the Untouchables by perverting these teachings.

One can touch the other sense organs and the brain cannot sense a physical touch. Touch can be used to function as the other senses.

Touch is very important in gesturing (Mudras , sign language) and holding objects. Touch is the most complicated of the senses.


Four senses, sight, sound, smell and taste are associate with the four cardinal directions while consciousness, touch and the two hands are the inner directions for eight in total. Up and down are necessary for bodies and embodiments.

These Skandhas are heaps in this universes of dualistic fixations or luminous Heaven , Buddha realms when purified. There are Buddha fields in the eight directions and are coincidental up and down. The eight directions can be subdivided into 16, 32 and 64 coincidental directions when one can handle the complexities.



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