Get Started Guide to Practice

In a sense getting started is best to start backward and start on the path of The Four Noble Truths with resolution and have confidence there is a cessation to suffering.

Knowing there is an end to suffering is comforting.

The cause of suffering is a momentary lapse in direct knowing that one must not let one's mind slip into dualistic fixation of a self and others as this causes one to separate from all the enlightened or God and His Helpers. This separation is called Karma or ka, what situation am I in and rma, where is God or Heaven and how do I get there.

The Bible is a Great Book and an excellent teaching document but there is a wealth of traditions teaching materials that are excellent also. Many Christians like to emphasis Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. If you can truly perceive this and that God is in your heart than this is good but many people minds are a rage of untoward passion and if God is truly in your heart than this cannot be so. Many try to hide these emotions but in doings so they lack being impassioned by the Great Passion of knowing and demonstrating that God and His Helpers are in your Heart and their passion of returning all beings to Heaven.

Meditation must be maintained with a sense of joy or one will not keep on the path with resolution but one must examine the situation on earth and determine that life on earth is unsatisfactory and suffering will occur unexpectedly, especially sickness, old age and death. It is good to examine this in your meditations.

On the path we seek refuge in our mediations on past and present most excellent Teachers, excellent Teachings and the community of people on this path. Sanskrit terms are the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. The personal refuges are the Lama (personal teachers), Yidham (the personal perfect form you chose for your meditation form) and Dharmapalas (protectors of the true teachings). Study the lives of great teachers as this is some of the greatest teachings.

One must vow to give up wrong doing of body, speech and mind, especially in regards to lying, killing and stealing, and practice virtue to the best of one's ability. Sexual misconduct and intoxicants are very complex and are difficult to maintain a very strict interpretation if one is fully engaged in the everyday world. One must thoroughly discuss these vows of sexual misconduct and intoxicants with your teachers as breaking the vow is bad as well as doing bad things. It is better never to have taken the vow than to make and break a vow.

On the positive side one must speak simple, sincerely and clearly as possible, be generous and protect and nurture life. Keep a clear mind and treat all beings as a sacred body.

One starts by reaffirming the need to give up wrong doing, practice virtue to the best of your ability and then reciting a form of these words three times so you remember what you are trying to accomplish.:

I go for refuge in the Tathata, Dharma, MahaBodhiSattvas and Dharma protectors for the continuous benefit of all beings. Through the continuous benefit of all these practices, many all beings continually manifest enlightenment. For the continuous benefit of all beings, I offer the continuous benefit of all these practices to all beings. May these aspirations quickly come to fruition..


One visualizes this form of Manjushri in front of you and above the crown of your head as pure luminosity without any solid characteristics or completely pure.

One says the mantra: Om ah am rapasa nuh dhi for a comfortable time period and then the form of Manjushri enters through the crown of the head and transforms your body into the same form as Manjushri and one continues to say the Mantra for a comfortable period of time.

In these empowerments you can assume the their form and keep your gender by assuming the partners form. The mantras have nothing to do with gender. Changing genders only causes confusion.

During the meditation one visualizes that pure luminosity radiates from the form of Manjushri throughout the six realms of existence in this universe and purifies all beings of sufferings. Meditate with confidence that within the form of Manjushri there is no impurities.

One stops saying the mantra and lets one's mind rest in your being in this form inseparable from all phenomena.

To end the meditation one can offer this practice by saying: through the continuous accumulation of merit and wisdom of this practice, I offer the continuous accumulation of merit and wisdom for the continuous benefit of all beings.

Even though one leaves the situation one should try and maintain a sense of the continuous purity of the meditation. Do not believe that all impurities of body, speech and mind will be quickly and easily eliminated but that a sense of relief can occur. However have confidences that in the future you can be purified. Do not stop taking medicines or listened to professional medical personnel.

One does this practice if one cannot find a teacher for the empowerment to practice this but one must try and find a teacher and receive the empowerment.



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