Jewels of Liberation


All religions have a common spirituality cycling through periods of true accomplishment or corruption caused by people using untoward power to dominate rather than leading through spiritual accomplishment. Follows is tools to maintain a true common spirituality.







Dig into this treasure chest of spirituality and use the information to explore the world of knowing liberation for all.




Language is based upon natural sound that has true meaning, generally recognized as Sanskrit. As people must reawaken after birth, language cannot be pure until perception is pure. Education and training (spiritual and life support) are required to bring people to enlightenment.


The English language is a reduction of the complexity that Sanskrit evolved to in India. A common language evolves as dualistic fixation is described and people expand Sanskrit in this drama of life, death and suffering. The dictionary and Sanskrit here is an essential spiritual language.  


Good: Ultimately there is only good where bad is transitory for a very long time.

To capture and present dualism while maintaining a focus on unity requires a meditation on suffering, determining that suffering is transitory, which is good, but reverses what was previously said. Meditating to develop a focus to end suffering is good but if one accepts suffering as having inherent value then this is bad. Dissolving the good and bad of suffering is good.


Bad: Bad and evil is shades of bad where evil has conscious intent to harm. The grounding of what is good and bad helps protect oneself in dangerous circumstance where perception and reality must merge.


The Importance: Teaching The Importance of good demands being good, from good and a messenger of good. This is fundamentally imbedded in language through the vowels, a progression of a messenger’s appearance in this universe of dualistic fixation of a self and others. Teaching progression requires presenting the end before one is there or can perceive there. Building a sense of there and getting people there defines an exceptional teacher in relative truth.


Vowels: Vowels are active. The first vowel a, is the birth of a messenger. All messengers’ need to reawaken but this is explaining that good is temporarily bad. Time and space are the two most fundamental common elements involved in perception and yet the most difficult to grasp do to size of going well beyond the capabilities of our dualistic senses. Our life span is very short compared to eternity but an eternity can be fit into a life as reality inverts.


This is why a messenger can be sent with certainty of reawakening and recollection expressed in the vowel e. This is a difficult point as many want recollection to be the end not stages. Recollection is immediate but can only be explained in stages. People want to discuss this from the view of love but as stages are required compassion is introduced first as messengers’ come to end suffering and when suffering decreases one begins to understand love. The vowel i is love, the ninth vowel of the alphabet and the center (love is a dynamic relationship) of the eight directions.


Perceiving the space time continuum in mandala arrangements is very important. The space between words (and the implied space between syllables) is the most important non letter of the alphabet. Space changes as perception changes and the syllables re-emerge with different meaning and intent.


The vowel o is addressing people with loving kindness and compassion with u as command in a very profound spiritual sense. The sometimes y vowel is the most subtle, complex and profound of all, the dynamic action of the enlightened carrying (vehicle) all beings back to the absolute truth of heaven.


Constants: Constants have a clear simplicity to them but as the messages become corrupted the constant with vowels changes from good to bad. Constants are not expressed in singularity as vowels are defining the inversion of simplicity.


Two letter syllables: Two letter syllables are words in Sanskrit having essential and complex meaning that inverts with order of the letters (ab and ba are connected).


Three letter syllables: Three letter syllables are connect to 2 and 4 letter syllables words (ma, ha, ah, maha, hama, mah, mha, ham and hma). One needs to understand all the combinations to understand one. Tremendous spirituality is compressed into one to four syllable words (simplicity is key). Note that hma is not correctly used are used to express something bad as hma and hama are pointless.


Four letter syllables: All the letters and syllables are so intertwined that beyond 4 and 5 letter syllable words, meaning becomes more of emphasis and subtitles than new words.


Inverting and well ordered: With inversion that is real, well ordered becomes a matter of preference that changes with increased understanding. Good manners and civility are not easy when you are not in your accustomed power group.


Details of language are brought forth in Practice (nest section on the main page) as this summary is intended to for people to practice.





Foundation: With language meditation can be discussed and taught. As meditation is to purify perception and the understanding of perception, meditation is an activity in progress.


Teachers try to get one to hear and see the teachings. No false images before one is, no false images in one’s mind. Prayer and meditation are similar with different emphasis. Most people try and overstate what they are doing to attract and hold more people. All people should meditate at least three hours a day but the efficiency of group activity tends to make people over rely upon a few meditating more and all sharing the benefit. This should work but as we live in a world of dualistic fixation and the inherent hiding of intent, this process can quickly corrupts all.


Good meditation is keeping the binding to those in Heaven by overcoming the dualistic fixation of self and others but as you are the most responsible for yourself, make sure you dissolve untoward passions daily. Letting untoward seeds grow appears easy but nurturing beneficial seeds is far easier.



Activity is the Wisdom Awareness of Loving Compassion. Meditation does help others but meditation combined with intertwining actually doing mundane projects of providing basic needs and making life more comfortable is better but people use this as a way of not tending to the garden of their own mind as conflicting emotion are hard to directly deal with.