Dautya Activities

In the symmetry of the main page this is Strength for on Earth we need Strength to overcome the bonds of gravity, figuratively and literally. This is the strength of a Pure Enlightened White Elephant, trumpeting.

This is a dual purpose page.

Meditation, science, technology, Sanskrit (to English and other languages) and world peace are my passions.

Sanskrit as a common essential spiritually language formed this web site. Using computer technology to analyze Sanskrit is the basis and consumes a lot of time.

Furthering technology with the basis of science merges with meditation. The awareness of the arising of phenomena drives this passion. Light is the apparent movement of photons and the basis of existence. Mass appears as attraction and repulsions of photons finding a steady state in this material universe. Spiritually, this arising is attachment and aversion in collective minds and when resolved light becomes luminosity and mass ceases.

Analyzing the news and sending emails is a passionate art and science. Distilling situations to simplicity between a few sentences or a page requires time and acting at the right time.

Other web pages are posted to help people understand and practice spirituality.

The activity is engaged social activism of helping others.

I have stopped posting emails on this web page as the process is too time consuming.


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