Samatha: Calm abiding Meditation

Samatha is generally taught at the beginning of spiritual relationships as calmness or peace is one of the essential objectives of meditation. One starts with a few instructions regarding posture, breathing and eye focus. One synchronizes the control of breath and the awareness of an overabundant of streams of thoughts to calm the mind. Breath and awareness are synchronized as both can be consciously utilized by the mind rather than being lost in a dream of acting on whatever thoughts arise in the mind.

Do not demean yourself when one loses awareness or control of breath but gently return to controlling breath and awareness. Let a thought arise and fall as a wave arises and fades in the ocean. The object is to think of certain things when it is time to think of those things. Do not chase a thought by evaluating the thought as good or bad but let thoughts go.

Another objective is that this pattern becomes automatic when thoughts produce emotions so that if anger begins to arise in dealing with others, one focuses on breath and awareness and lets the anger go.

Another objective is to determine where thoughts come from and go to and the connections of thoughts to the rising of all phenomena.

A further step is to visualize a formless clear light, the size of a thumbnail, in your heart. Develop patience in waiting for the perception of the clear flame to occur by not chasing thoughts, discrimination and judging your abilities or this meditation but remain at "rest".

Further complexities are to perceive this clear light as purifying by spreading through your body and mind and diminishing sickness to points that vanishes. This light can be view as water that flows through your circulatory system. If this process is difficult than view the light as resting on the crown of your head and the light/water flows down and removes sickness.

Further, perceive this light as changing the room you are in to a perfect, peaceful and beautiful environment.

When one is ready, then perceive this light spreading through the universe removing sickness and causing peace and abundance.

It is good to find a spiritual friend in this process as there are many different a types of people requiring different emphasis and support to calm thoughts. Also, do not ignore the advice of Health Care Professionals.

Meditation is meant to be enjoyed but just sitting anywhere for a period of time produces discomfort in the mind. Meditate with joyous vigor and the perfection of vigor.

Be generous especially to yourself as calming oneself is essential to mental and physical health. Generosity has perfection as does ethics, patience, vigor and concentration leading to wisdom of going beyond the generally held views (bonds) of mundane existence. Note, that there is a great debate regarding the use of visualization to calm the mind. Rather than debating just see Get Started Guide to Practice and find the best way for yourself.

Ethics is being generous with yourself in others in maintaining peace and rest within yourself so that conflicting emotions do not take control of yourself and others. 

This leads Samatha Meditation to more and more instructions till one becomes involved in Mahamudra, the Great Teaching. The essence of this is to relax and rest the mind so that one is aware with naked insight without support. Support is usually considered false images but means deluded awareness or insanity. At rest, one knows when and how to move and perceives clearly, with naked insight without support. This is a science as one perceives as reality is. A thought arising in the mind is the same as all phenomena arising in the Universe.

Depending on one’s ability and circumstances MahaMuDra can lead to enlightenment faster than any other method but support is necessary as food, clothing, medicine and shelter are very important in mundane existence so all people like to boast or complain regarding how much support one needs or gets.

Support involves images or pictures as the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words has truth. As images arise in one’s mind they produce emotional discomfort and that is why using images in meditation is an antidote. Just as any substances in wrong quantities can produce the opposite effect, the use of images in meditation produces great debate.

This is why it is good to find teachers that you can relate to over a long period of time as a compass to your aspirations.

Please review the next section Meditations Using Pure Mental Images on the home page, with an open mind as possible.

Samatha, peace and being at rest are all connected. Being at rest is involved in Vajrasattva meditation. To attain to complete enlightenment one needs to realize why the Vajrasattva meditation is the way to realizing any meditation. Vajrasattva is the way and is connected to the Holy Spirit in Christianity but the Bible relates Jesus (the Messenger) as the way. This causes problems.

Vajrasattva is referred to with a qualifying term of Heruka which some relate to "blood drinker", a misunderstanding. Blood is mostly water necessary for life in this universe of dualistic fixation. When one attains to enlightenment water become amrita "that which is immortal" causing the confusion.