Atimukti: Beyond the obstacles of birth and death

Email   See the Heart Sutra for attaining a pure birth so that birth and death are not and obstacles as one "quickly" attains enlightenment in this lifetime with the ability to benefit many people spiritually

This is a difficult and sensitive point as it appears to contradict life itself but it does bring a sense of peace.

Evil people can possibly destroy and torture anyone in this universe of dualistic fixation. This is not good but these events do not contradict Atimukti as all the enlightened maintain their support and return the accomplished meditator back to heaven.

It is better to avoid these evil people but sometimes evil becomes so pervasive that it is not possible to avoid the evil ones.


It is very sad that these evil people do not perceive the immense harm they do themselves and others by their actions. These evil people may act confident in their actions as they try and suppress the perception of the amount of suffering they will endure until they burn off the bad karma for their actions. They can only suppress the perception for a relatively short period of time until the perception overwhelms them.


Hopefully if one accomplished meditator appears another will relatively soon appear.