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RE: Web pages


If the public is not presented wit good overview pictures and diagrams (top down to detail with bottom up verification), are government and BP project managers being provided with the required information?


The first web page has oil, gas and whatever spewing from a pipe that appears to be on the Gulf bottom at a 25 degree angle. The pipe appears to be coming out of the earth on the sea bed floor.


The second web page shows the “Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP) Cap” being placed on a “BOP stack” and indicates something has been cut of the BOP stack.


The second page shows oil coming from the BOP stack but this does not match the first picture.


Is there 2 places oil and gas are spewing from?


Why is there not a diagram and explanation connecting these two presentations?


There is talk on Televisions that there is a structure below the earth that effects what is above but there is no diagram of what is below the earth and how this effects what is above.


Why is there no readily available diagram and explanation of the preceding statement?


Why are there not excavation (or drilling) going on to get to these critical junctures below the earth’s surface at the sea floor to better access these critical junctures?


“In the days after the spill, BP was unable to use robot submarines to close valves on the massive blowout preventer atop the damaged well. Then, two weeks later, ice-like crystals clogged a 100-ton box the company tried placing over the leak”; why is it not clear where these valves are?


I cannot find the statement or article that talked about systems that were supposed to slice through the pipe and shut off the blow out. Where is this system in the overall scheme?