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Re: Spiritual scholarship and Justice

Being assertive is important but when people continually over assert massive problems occur as people believe they have the righteous authority to take the law into their own hands and become judge, jury and executioner.

A historical perspective of Dharma is necessary when good advice is contained within labels.

The historical name for spirituality is Sanatan roughly translated as eternal (aspiration to return all beings to Heaven). The syllables are: sa, eternal happiness; na, warning that one may not have certain knowledge of meaning of other combining syllables; ta, all the enlightened (individually and collectively); na, at the end is inverted and the a dropped for convenience when one understands inversion and reading the word backwards. The repeated na is a very strong confirmation when one understands both the word and the true meaning of the word.

Sanatan is an excellent word for spirituality.

Assertiveness started by being clinging more to solidity of earth rather than the luminosity of heaven. The Sanatans lived by a used the Sindhu river flowing to the ocean as a spiritual metaphor, changed by others to Hindus, a meditative perfection by humans rather than a true perfection attained through meditation.

Buddhism came and the natural struggle between the old and the new brought the over assertive label Buddhism birthing the culturally specific religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, vying for assertive leadership.

Universities are not recognizing this historical perspective to maintain their own assertive leadership jihadi common to all cultures and religions. Unfortunately the Muslims, asserting as the world moral policeman focuses the term jihad on their culture. All countries and cultures have their own jihadi waging jihad.

The effect is to lose moral leadership and without moral leadership world justice is impossible leading to endless catastrophic war.

To bring world peace all cultures need to contain their own jihadi by dissolving their own untoward passions.