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RE; Justice and World Peace

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This is an interesting submission by Ted Dagne of the Congressional Research Service to a Congressional committee.

The submission is detailed but lacks a summary, conclusions and recommendations. The first seven paragraphs contained an implied summary, conclusions and recommendations.

The statement `The Horn of Africa region is by far the most unstable region in Sub-Saharan Africa today. Millions of people have died and many more have been displaced or forced into exile` does get attention. as does ` The Horn of Africa region has been marred by civil wars, internal political turmoil, inter-state wars, famine, and man-made humanitarian disasters in recent decades `.

Ted Dagne quotes Ibrahim Addou to define the cause `The peace and the stability brought by the Islamic Courts has now been replaced by anarchy and chaos. Killings, robbing, raping, and looting are part of the daily life`.

The conclusion is that this process is the breading ground of terrorism.

I cannot quote the articles but President Bush tried to deal with Islamic and Western Justice and failed.

A Sanskrit word for justice is Saddharma, true natural law or forgiving oneself. To understand forgiveness one needs to go beyond conventional wisdom.

Much of the problem is that few judges and lawyers publically discuss justice with spiritual people. Forgiveness is viewed by most people as favouritism rather than justice leading people to demand vengeance.

It is true that few beings can know if one is truly forgiven so that the person will not harm others again and that prisons do not necessarily contain extremely dangerous people.

Containment is key and prison must be viewed as containment so that rehabilitations is possible and those that must be permanently contained can find peace and a full life.

What then becomes important in justice is to keep on trying to find a way to justice for all. Justice brings peace and prosperity. The article demonstrates the devastating impacts of a world without a justice system for all. To cease trying or exert a token effort at building a world justice system is injustice.  

Impressive strides have been made in worldwide dialogue on justice in the last ten years but vengeance is a hard obstacle to overcome.

How much money is spent on developing and implementing a world justice system as opposed to national defence systems in the world?

Can the media even get Christian leaders to discuss justice with retired judges and lawyers?

If this debate does not occur, how can Islamic judges, lawyers and spiritual leaders be injected into the mix?  

If this international debate does not occur, how can the political leaders negotiate a world justice system generally accepted by all throughout the world?

Spiritual and mental health professionals must help those to find peace in containment and not seeks vengeance that knows no peace.