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RE; Stopping Gulf oil spill requires a virtual blackboard


Skandi ROV 1 on web page shows significant oil leaking at seal on 20100605 at 11:22 AM. There is an hour delay.

The news web sites are silent.

This means that calculations to stop the spill were incorrect.

This and other past problems (saw sticking, possible excessive use of water to stop fire on rig, ...) indicate applied mathematics, simulations and management tools are inadequate.

The people who understand these tools do not get along with the more applied engineering fields that actually build the devices being used at this depth. Even more removed is a geologist that is the head of BP.

The highest level of the US government need to build a virtual blackboard to combine the skills of applied mathematics and simulation experts that exists at NASA, the nationals Labs (Livermore, ...) and universities throughout the world.

There are a lot of similarities regarding space, Galaxies and solar systems that relate to the pressures at this depth. The problem is that mathematics tends to reduce bodies to a point to solve problem so that system analysis is not easy (earth is reduced to a point on some problems and on others the solar system is reduced to a point).

This makes simulating the tools and procedures to stops the spill is difficult. Computer power is also a problem as these simulations can take significant computer resources and time.

Engineers use approximations and estimates to overcome the lack of resources but without exceptional supporting applied mathematics and simulations the engineers do not understand the forces involved at this dept and errors are made by engineers and managers,

Assembling this virtual blackboard can have paybacks to many scientific and engineering fields.

Security needs to be thought through as these tools can be used for bomb making.


I have tried to develop the applied mathematics, simulation software and computer power to do this for over 16 years now but have been denied access to funding. If I was allowed a fractions of the monies spent on technology and science I could have accomplished those goals by now.

Now this crisis is causing vast economic and political problems.

I told you so (that these tools would be required) and you would not listen. Will you listen now and allow me resources?