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RE:  The Spartans is a very questionable documentary

The west is extracting and using the wisdom and spirituality from India in a very inappropriate way.

Greek, at the time of the city states powers in Greece, has many Sanskrit based roots.

This inappropriate use continues to grow throughout the world.


Homosexuality probably does increase with catastrophes as people try and survive and rebuild lost population. There may be some benefit in this but to evolve a society based on forced homosexuality that occurred in Sparta is evil. This process may temporarily produce powerful warriors but corrupts the society bringing its downfall.

To use the term utopia to describe such a society is ludicrous.

War is increasing in the number of lives lost in a shorter period of time.

As long as cultures use such tactics the escalation of war will only increase until mankind can no longer rebuild in period of relative peace.

Distorting the truth for temporary power gains is not being adequately countered.


Highly trained, disciplined and effective soldiers can be built into an army without such tactics. Rotating security leadership and staff is a must as people need time to relax and find peace. Over relying on a too few people produces people that cannot perceive the situation as it is. Building enduring security for many generations requires whole people.

Diversity of the sexes and mixing workgroups keeps people flexible and able to form dynamic teams.