About Dautya - Mundane


Coming from humble origins, I was conceived and born in two different provinces in Canada. My immediate family is eight and grown through marriages. The local newspaper was my gateway to the world.

The first outside connections was the invasion of Tibet by China and the writings of the Dali Lama explaining the situation and Dharma. I tried to sit in the full lotus and following various instructions but had a sense of longing and frustration.

University proved to be unsettling with the Vietnam War and dissatisfaction with the pace of education. My easy was math, science and computers but passionate regarding the media.

What was good was studying applied differential equations and abstract algebra as the basis for understanding science. I was smart enough or stupid enough to try and understand the fundamental principals rather than memorizing. This is not easy to do when studying Einstein's theories.

Very early in my life I showed an exceptional aptitude for innovation. This led people to control and manipulate me to gain the moneys from such innovation.

An unknown person came up and said to me that "most people are free to do what they want but we will get to do what we want you to do". This happens to me in different ways in both Canada and the United states, the only two countries I have lived or worked in

In marriage, this led me to concentrate on self educations. Reading and studying the Bible and psychology led me to Karl Yung and his introductions to The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead caused a profound reaction of certainty that this was the way and was attracted to Hevajra. Compelled I went to Vancouver BC, Canada and met the teachers mentioned in the book. I entered a path of meditation, working, helping Dharma centers and developing technology based businesses. I have come up with many multi-billion dollar concepts but have been blocked from implementing these concepts.

Mostly what I have done and now do is what nobody else can do.

Now I require $30 million net up-front plus stocks before I will even begin to think about advanced computer technology again to ensure fair compensation, past and present for my efforts.

Trying to meet these aspirations I became homeless around 33 times. Today, life is still very difficult and I am just a step away from homeliness while groups use mostly negative reinforcement or abuse my generosity to extract development work without compensation.

During August 2013, I became homeless for the 34 time.

People can perceive this as that I am losing but I am not. By showing people loving kindness and compassion when people lie and steal from me is the most transformative way for eventually they will remember this and change.

People may think that they are manipulating me to do technological development without fair compensation but I weigh the benefit to mankind of such technology. These people who use such untoward behavior will eventually suffer for their actions.

A strong interfaith approach emerged along with watching the news and using email to further world peace and prosperity. Please see Dautya Activities.

In the past I got up at 3AM to 5 AM to meditate before I went to work and tried to meditate at night the best I could. Between paid work, when I was promoting innovative concepts, I would meditate much more. I was able to sit in the full lotus for 18 hours without uncrossing my legs.

Now some group is making it very difficult to meditate to force me to develope and promote innovative computer concepts without pay. I complain to authorities and community leaders regarding this situation but nothing changes.

To date I have not received one direct reply from this site.

These sites are provided for various reasons. For people to make spiritual progress generosity and the perfection of generosity must be understood and practiced.

It is becoming more and more difficult to maintain and develop these sites. To understand and perfect your own generosity, it would be good to make a payment for the information received, if you have the means to do so.


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