Loving Compassion

Sacred Relationships of True Love


In Buddhist terms, Loving Compassions is taught through Calm abiding Meditations (meditate until your body hurts, again and again) and meditations of pure mental images that evolve into mandala practices such as Hevajra.

The Hevajra mandala is arranged so that the night, north and winter is Compassions while day, south and summer is Loving with east and west a complex transition. Female is a symbolic representation of compassion as the mother carries and nurtures the "messenger" while the male provides the nurturing environment.

A discussion on Hevajra and Dance of Wisdom give very abbreviated description with a few words to express the profound meaning of Perfections.

Co-emergence is a song to express the inexpressible with Mahamudra a succeeding effort.

Blooming Flowers expresses activity of Loving Kindness and Compassion.

Education is a web site being developed to provide an environment for better understanding.

See Loving Compassion for further discussions..


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