Financial Accounting

For the last ten plus years I have invested around $10,000 per year in cash and another $one million per year in unpaid salary. This is based upon earning of $100,000 per year in cash in 2000, the last year of paid consulting. I was multi tasked and far underpaid for what I did.

I have not received any monies for my efforts on these web sites. I am not doing a good job of paying yourself first, the first rule of starting a business but not necessarily the first rule of spirituality.

Spirutual Accounting

Besides these web sites I write a lot of emails to further mankind and world peace. See Like it is for a small sample.

The spiritual information on these web pages is excellent. The Tibetans had some of the best spiritual teachers from the 1950 through 1995 but the deaths of many of these great teachers has caused great stress upon Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibetans did not have the organization excellence to preserve and regenerate their great teachers under the stress of occupation and exile.

Western Christianity is suffering from many relatively small wars and the stress of Big Money and Big Businesses corrupting influence. Also, governments do not give tax breaks without interference in spiritual ethics.

War and other stresses are causing difficulties for Eastern Orthodox Christian Churches.

War between Israel and Palestine has caused Israel to force Orthodox Jews into military service causing stress on Judaism.

War and other forces have caused stress on Islam and Hindu nations. Faith and spirituality are facing very difficult times in these countries.


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