Dautya Dharmachakra



Look into the mirror of your mind

Your mind is like a mirror projecting self and others

Look within by ceasing to hate

Without hate you will know love by loving everyone



Love is not something you do

Love is something that is



Some may find the image on the front page offensive.

The image expresses the protection and nurturing necessary to bring a messenger into this world.

Long life is vital to messengers for accomplishing their message.

The Bible compares and challenges traditional spirituality. Dying of torture on a cross is offensive.



Om Zama Ksemya Suksema Sadhu Maitreya Hum Svarva

True Love

The perfection of the wisdom awareness activity of loving kindness and compassion of the body, speech and mind of all the enlightened.

If you want to know true love than find teachers who can clearly explain this.

Essentially true love is lifting all beings from the darkness of suffering to Heaven.


The Message

Near the end of 2012 the sun moves into the center (a 10 to 20 year process before and after 2012) of the arm of the galaxy causing the possibility of enhanced stresses on the earth and sun due to changes in rotational forces.

The word possibility is used because the way mankind (not God) reacts to the situation can enhance or decrease these forces.

This situation coincides with mankind's rapid progress in technology and science.

Whether mankind uses this technology to liberate or oppress will cause corresponding peace or destruction.


It appears that mankind is using these technological powers to oppress rather than liberate.

Mankind has less than five years to reverse this trend.

With mankind's ability to rapidly move to any place on the planet there are no longer a place of refuge where people can meditate in relative isolation so that highly attained messengers cannot develop in sufficient numbers to maintain relative calm on earth.

The US, long a leader in social opportunity is now reversing this trend.


If one can help others in one's position one should while trying to meditate (pray) as much as possible in groups and in solitude.

If life mostly ends on this planet, this is not of great concern as all the enlightened (God and His Helpers) can guide one to another planet where one can live in relative peace and prosperity.

It would have been good if mankind would use this technology to benefit others and eventually travel to distant planets.

Meditate well, go gently and slowly.


It is around five years since I wrote this. It appears that mankind is failing. I cannot "see" how life will get worse on the planet for I could, I could not do what I do to help. I know beings on earth can sense what I am going through and can see how life will change. If these people sense that it is impossible for life on earth to improve, then life on earth will become very difficult, very quickly.