Pure Cat                                                       Dautya                                                   Prosperity

Pure Water Buffalo                                  Dautya as a precious jewel                      Beyond birth and death

Pure Red Man                                                          Practice                                                    Without Illusions

Pure Camel                                                 Calm abiding Meditation                                    Perfect Gentleness

Pure Bull                                         Mediations Using Pure Mental Formations                                    Purifying Air

Heart Sutra: Discussion

Pure Ass                                                                    Heart Sutra                                                         Purifying Fire

Dharmachakra --> .

Hevajra Teaching

Pure Horse                    Shri Hevajra's Dance of Wisdom: Coincidental Bhumi     Purifying Water

Like it is                    Shri Hevajra’s Dance of Wisdom                     About Dautya

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