About Dautya

This page has a dual purpose. In the symmetry of the main page this is purifying Earth but as we live on Earth this page reflects that aspect along with purifying earth to purify others.


Rock meets bone in the Dance of Wisdom

Of confused appearance, Enlightenment meeting dualistic fixation

In the flow of DhaRma and KaRma.

Hevajra Mantra Mandal


The mission is to encourage the actual working together on faith based dialogue and implementation, where there is mutual respect for major religions and the essential religious values of not to lie, steal and kill, form the basis for just, democratic, Law and Order of individuals, societies and Governments.

The positive statement of religious values is furthering generosity, speaking sincerely, truthfully and nurturing all life by fighting the good fight of loving Compassion. One must practice with faith to achieve PerfectWisdom.

I found people willing to talk but not work together on sound, broad based faith.

Key to spirituality is language and two spreadsheets, developed to use language simply and precisely are Reduction Connection Sanskrit Dictionary and Excel dictionary workbook See Practice for a more detailed discussion of these spreadsheets.

What can be said is that ineffable, innate reality is clear, luminous, unimpeded and unborn that people sadly reduce to emptiness, void or nothing. Meditate to develop the ability to grasp the hairline of conceptualization and make what arises purifying luminosity.

Note that the truth of religion is distorted in order to improperly manipulate others. All religions have people that improperly manipulate and very few who speak the truth and work hard to get others to do the same.

Payments are required to develop the educational web site.

Faith for a few that control others is not good, even for democratic societies, nor is prosperity that is not supported by sound faith. Faith means to become accomplished in spirituality.

I live simply and carefully and thus have sufficient funds to live and meditate on and I have attained sufficient understanding of spirituality to know I have great "abundance" in a spiritual sense.

I do what I can on these web sites. Sites statistics show that around one to two thousand people a month make very good use of these web pages. All must be very shy not to send an e-mail.

See Financial Accounting.

Even a kind word is considered help and so is feedback. Em ail See Mundane for more background.

As we are on Earth Please help